RYF is 1 Year Old!!

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Redefining Your Future is ONE YEAR OLD! I could not have imagined that this vision and mission would have IMPACTED so many service women, women veterans and military spouses lives. We still have much more in store and our strategic focus will put us in the forefront of holistic transition process and programs along with access to a growing number of resources which assist each of them in many ways!

We still need your assistance with program connections and as our foundation GROWS your partnership with us is important now more than ever!

The video is our FIRST version of our COMMITMENT WALK. This walk is the first CONFIDENT and BRAVE step needed to MOVE FORWARD and through TRANSITION so the JOY you see is the emotion connected to that COMMITMENT!

Thank you for all of your continued support and get ready for another year of LIFE CHANGING and AMAZING journeys while we Redefine Your Future!