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Mission: Empower service women, women veterans, and military spouses to transition while completely redefining their lifestyles and perspectives following military service.


Vision: Be the primary resource and first national model to concentrate on the concerns specifically connected to servicewomen, woman veterans, and military spouses when leaving military service.


Live your best life before, during and after transition!


Show Up
Do The Work
Fail Often
Pay It Forward
Build Community
Keep Redefining!


My WHY....... After serving 25 years and retiring from the U.S. Army, starting over seemed daunting and extremely stressful. Everyone doesn’t always land their “dream career,” start their business or even decide to continue their education immediately. Over the last 3 and half years of working in workforce development with a focus on veteran’s initiatives, I found that many service members needed guidance or a strong sense of direction on what the next move should be. I also discovered that many service women didn’t realize that they were a highly underrepresented demographic within a demographic. I wanted to create a movement and a community that would continue to educate and empower our service women TO and THROUGH transition by building a community of connectors from life coaching, lifestyle, branding, health and wellness, financial readiness and more. Service women need to be reminded that they are WOMEN, and they are amazing long after their military service. They can DEFINE themselves and be empowered to SHIFT into their next phase in life. “Redefining Your Future is a community for service women transitioning out of the military. It is a community which provides access to local, regional and national resources. Being "redefined" means SHIFTING your thinking and lifestyle to the next phase in life!”